Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS)

Read how an MLS degree helps Erica Tinsley ’17 advance her career in the cybersecurity field.

The law touches every career, every company, every industry. Loyola Law School, Los Angeles offers a Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS) program that provides working professionals with a solid foundation in law in as little as just one year. With a flexible curriculum, focused specializations or a custom program tailored to your career goals, Loyola's MLS can give you the legal knowledge and critical thinking skills to set yourself apart, advance in your current job, or drive your career in another direction. 

MLS students may customize a degree program from a wide array of Law School course offerings, in most instances taking the same classes as JD students. Aside from a few required courses, MLS students can design their own degree or enroll in one of the specialization areas. 

MLS Specializations

Each specialization has a required curriculum that has been specially tailored to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


Associate Dean of Student Affairs Priya Sridharan

Associate Dean of Student Affairs Priya Sridharan explains how Loyola Law School's Master of Science in Legal Studies program offers working professionals a customized legal education in a variety of subject areas to advance their careers or help them pivot into a new one here.